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We’ve been protecting clients just like you   ”Since 1975″

We are a real company not a “Solo Inspector” working off of  a cell phone, with no insurances, no criminal background check, no one backing them up, someone who typically has created a job for themselves.   Over the years we’ve seen many sole practitioners come and then go out of business…. Always hire a real company.

Our local, professionally trained personal customer care specialist will answer all your questions and explain home inspections.   This is the biggest investment in your life and we are dedicated to protecting and serving you professionally.

You will receive a thorough inspection by a Certified Inspector we do not rush through our inspections.  We give you a four (4) hour minimum block of  time to perform your inspection properly.  And you’ll know that the person you’re working with has passed a full CRIMINAL background check and the company is fully insured and bonded  – all to protect You! and ourselves.  Many say they’re insured but don’t/can’t produce copies, ours is on our site.

Dream Home or Money Pit 

Below is an actual home inspection we performed showing how bad problems can be. The home from the outside looks like a “Dream Home” but hidden out of sight in the crawl space was a major defect that was known by the sellers, was not disclosed on the “Disclosure Form” and was not told to the Realtor nor the  inspector.

10 year old home…. $21,000  TO   $24,500 were the quotes of two professionals for repairsMI Home Inspection Nightmare

While the home you’re buying may look like a “Dream Home” it could be the “Money Pit”… We regularly find attics full of ...”MOLD”...  Homes often require thousands of dollars in repairs that you may not know about.  After closing you are responsible for any repairs. That is a big problem at any time especially right after buying a home.  Protecting you from these unexpected repairs is our responsibility/job at Home Inspection by P.R.O.S.  plus we teach you about your home’s strengths & weaknesses and provide you with a 5 year budget.

NO LICENSING….NOR REGULATING…of Home Inspectors by State of Michigan

Home buyers in Michigan are always surprised to find out that there is no licensing nor regulating of home inspectors in Michigan and that It is totally up to you to make sure you hire an experienced & professionally trained home inspection company.   Always hire a company not a “solo Inspector” working off of a cell phone who has created a job for themselves.   Always hire a company who will provide you with a thorough and professional home inspection. Your home purchase is the largest purchase you make in a lifetime.  It is financially devastating to find out too late that you bought a Money Pit.

Make Choosing A Michigan Home Inspector Easy…

Home Inspection by P.R.O.S. is the oldest & largest locally owned multi-inspector firm serving Southeast Michigan “Since 1975″

  • 98.7% Excellent Client Rating
  • Experienced – Over 33,312 Inspections   “Since 1975″
  • Certified inspectors through ASHI, NAHI, or NACHI 
  • Fully Insured: E & O, Liability, & Workers Compensation Insurances                          
  • Certified Home Inspections – Certified Radon Testing – Certified Well/Septic Inspections  ”One call does it all”
  • “First Time Home Buyer Specialists”

“The Inspector answered all my questions and I felt took his time in looking over & inspecting all areas of the home. Very appreciated as I am a first time buyer & did not know what to expect”.      Mary B. Northville, MI      Inspection #2412002

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Only 10% of Michigan Home Inspectors Have Passed The “National Home Inspectors Exam” Michigan has over 1,000 inspectors, as of the last data, only 173 have attempted the exam and 106 passed. In the 37 + states licensing home inspectors passing the exam is minimum standard before being allowed to perform inspections.  Why pay an inspector who hasn’t proven his technical knowledge.  Don’t take that chance. Be protected by working with Home Inspection by P.R.O.S. – you can be sure that all of our inspectors have passed the National Home Inspectors Exam. You can be confident that they have the knowledge and the experience to find major issues and we “Guarantee it”

Experience Matters …  AND …It matters …A Lot…and YOU know it !!!

FYI.  Full time inspectors (400+ per year) are much more valuable because the more inspections an inspector performs, the more trained their eyes are at spotting minor & major issues.  They are much more knowledgeable and informative to buyers and therefore a much better value.  Part time inspectors are the reverse.  An inspector can say they have been in business for 10 years but the average solo inspector will typically do less than 200 inspections per year(2 to 3 per week). Research shows that fewer than 400 per year an inspectors skills are not likely to be at the level you deserve.  So, it’s important to not only know how long someone has been doing inspections but more importantly how many paid inspections they perform in a year.

With Home Inspection by P.R.O.S. you’ll know that your inspector is a full-time inspector. You can be sure that you’re working with an inspector whose skills are current and sharp. Your inspector will protect you by identifying issues in the home and making sure you’re informed.

I’ve sold & bought 4 homes in the last 7 years, and by far this is the best inspection I’ve ever experienced. Steve & Stacey T. South Lyon, MI Inspection #2708071

Your home has a STORY.  Our job is to study & know your homes HISTORY then inform/educate you, about it’s strengths, weaknesses and its likely future.  It’s not only about finding major problems.  It’s YOUR knowing more about your home then the previous owner even if they built it.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you’ve bought and sold many homes – you can have confidence in the home inspection experience you’ll receive with Home Inspection by P.R.O.S.  You will be treated with respect and courtesy.  We are a real company and your call will be answered by a live, local & professionally trained Customer Care Specialist.  It continues with a professional and thorough inspection performed by a Certified Inspector who has attended a professional school, apprenticed under a master inspector, has passed a criminal background check, is fully insured and bonded.  And you can count on the fact that we’ll be here for you after the inspection because we’ve been in business since 1975.

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When comparing any service always compare apples with apples especially when buying  a home….below is what you will typically get.


“After our offer was accepted, the next step was a home inspection. We chose a company with a big display ad.   The ad said they exceeded ASHI standards. We didn’t know what ASHI stood for, but we would later learn. Our inspector had very little practical experience. He could not answer many of our general questions. The night after our inspection, I couldn’t sleep. I realized the inspector had not even gone up into the attics. The next day I called Patti M. our Realtor. Patti informed us of the ASHI accreditation. She referred us to Home Inspection by PROS. They rearranged their schedule to accommodate us. What a relief. Our inspector was very thorough. He answered all our questions and added lots of maintenance tips. And yes, he inspected all 3 attics. There was such a difference between the two companies. It shows how important it is to know what to look for when shopping for a home inspector. A home is the largest purchase most of us ever make. It’s not worth picking an inspector at random. My husband and I have passed the word to all of our friends & family. Now they know how important it is to choose a qualified home inspector”.  Charlene B. Milford, MI

In Choosing our company for your home inspection services you’ll receive the benefit of a team of seasoned professionals who’s main responsibility is to protect and look out for you.

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1. Peace of Mind and Satisfaction Guaranteed by a team of Professionals looking out for your best interests

2. Our full time, local, professionally trained Customer Care Specialist answers your inspection questions 6 days per week.

3. Master Inspectors with proven technical knowledge ASHI, NAHI, & NACHI's high standards

4. Computer Generated Inspection Report provided same day of inspection with digital photos to assist you in making the right decision

5. Inspectors trained in the art of communication for your benefit. Communication is the Heart of a great Inspection.

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